Pain Relief Patch
Fine Mixture of 13 Natural/Herbal Extracts
5 mins onset of action; 8 hours of duration of action
Very clean, no leftovers after removing the patch, no irritation
Clinically proven effectiveness and safety; Listed in China pharmacopoeia
Manufactured in GMP certified facilities
Suggested usage: For the treatment of arthritis and relief of pain, such as
headaches, arthritis pain, neuralgic pain, sprain and muscle pain. Use three patches
each day or when necessary.
Clinical trial results: 515 cases in four major hospitals in China
Gender: 232 male, 283 female;  Age: 19~67

1.        Faster onset of action with skin penetration skills: We use water soluble
molecular as penetration enhancer to improve the effects of skin penetration of the
active ingredients. The effectiveness can be felt in 5 mins.
2.        Longer duration of action with sustained release technology: More than 8 hours
of duration of action
3.        Highly breathable and soft, clean, easy to use with unique base of non-woven
4.        Unique light green or light brown color and appearance different from traditional
pain plasters
5.        Active ingredients: Extracts of 13 kinds of herbs and natural products; listed in
China Pharmacopoeia for clinically proved effectiveness and safety
6.        Manufactured in GMP certified facilities; quality guarantees
•        Take one pain relief patch, and peel off the transparent sheet from the patch (the
sheet is on the greenish face of the patch)
•        Paste the light green side of the patch onto anywhere of your body suffering pains,
and leave on for 8 hours
•        Remove the patch. No need to wash the place where you paste the patch
•        Continue to paste other patches at the same place until pain relieved
Dimensions: 9cm X12cm OR 7cm X10cm
Packaging: 30 or 90 patches per box, 3 patches per bag, or customized

Disease Type
Effective Rate
Joint and Soft Tissue Injury
Peri-arthritis of Shoulder
Cervical Spondylosis
Rheumatic Arthritis
BACK: very soft white
non-woven cloth
FACE: light green
color with
transparent sheet
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